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tonight’s episode is the epitome of why Lea Michele is the lead of glee. 

They cut the best part lol There’s full nekkid.

Rachel Is Completely Freaking Out and Not Even Barbra Streisand Can Fix Her

That’s what I’m talking about!

She’s like that because of all the hate comments.


‘Proud Of Rachel Berry’ trending worldwide (April 22th).


‘Proud Of Rachel Berry’ trending worldwide (April 22th).

The episode ends on a lovely note with Mercedes going to see Rachel again and conceding that she’s happy to be a prude. She doesn’t care because she knows she’s made the right decision with Sam. Rachel tells Mercedes there was actually one moment where she thought she might have a little something with Sam (oh boy, did we dodge that bullet), and Mercedes asks if she’s having any moments with any other men. Rachel says she’s closed for business. She wasn’t dating Finn when he died but they both knew they were endgame. “There’s a line between your past and your future,” and she’ll draw it when she’s ready. Maybe some time, but not right now. Just some really lovely work from Lea Michele and Amber Riley this week — I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Mercedes tells Rachel it’s great to have a girlfriend to talk to. “It really is.” It really is! (via varlums)

 It really is!

Rachel was understanding and supportive

Unlike when she seeks for advice, people are usually judgmental and critical.


Here is my dilemma;

Everyone wants the utmost respect for Lea in her situation, we don’t want her to ever have to relive her emotions about losing Cory (although I am sure its something she deals with on a daily basis). We don’t want her to have to act out a scene in which it puts too much of her…

But when do we see Rachel’s POV? It’s always been brushed under the rug.